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Tincture, slaves and lotions made from the highest quality hemp strains and natural ingredients.  

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Hēl-Zal™ CBD Supplements

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CBD Hemp Oil

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Natural Pain Reliever

Slows or Kills Bacteria Growth

Proven To Reduce Seizures

Reduces Inflammation

Reduces Vomiting

Reduces Risk of Artery Blockage

Modulates Functions of the Immune System

Reduces Contractions in the Small Intestine (Reduces Cramps)

CBD Oil Benefits

Inhibits & Reduces Tumor Growth – Cancer Included

Relieves Anxiety

Protects Nervous System Degeneration

Treats And Relieves Symptoms of Psoriasis

Tranquilizing Properties

Used to Manage Psychosis

Promotes Bone Growth

Protects Nervous System Degeneration

CBD OilHēl-ZAL™ (pronounced: Heals-All) Full Spectrum CBD Oil Capsules, Salves and Tinctures have some of the highest concentrations of active CBD available. Click HERE to see our latest independent lab results.

Research shows high concentrations of CBD Oil may help combat both life-threatening and everyday ailments. Hēl-ZAL has been at the forefront of the all natural, hemp-based supplements market by providing life-changing results. Non-addictive, 100% organic with ZERO herbicides and pesticides, Hēl-ZAL products are easy and safe to use with no adverse side effects.